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Mobile Apps are still the primary way users want to interact with your offering. Give them what they want.

Here's what you can expect

We build applications that run on iOS, Android AND the web using the same codebase. That leads to consistency in experience and reduced cost. We deploy multiple times per day, with automatic updates, which leads to really quick feature development.


How we build Mobile Apps


Figma or Napkin

Whether you have a Figma design or a napkin, we'll fill in the blanks to realise your app from idea to reality

One codebase, three platforms

We use Expo, a React Native framework that has been exploding in popularity, to deploy the same codebase to all three platforms. That cuts your costs and ensures a consistent experience across platforms for your users

Continuously deploying

We deploy multiple times per day so that you can always see the state of affairs in your pocket. That leads to quick good feedback, which, in turn, leads to good results.

Testflight within 1 week

We use TestFlight for iOS, and Google Play's beta testing for Android, to gather early user feedback and refine our apps, ensuring high-quality and reliable releases across all platforms.

Clever Gen AI built in

We can Employ cutting-edge AI models for conversational chatbot integration using LLMs like OpenAI and LLaMA.

Multilingual Applications

We deploy applications that are available in multiple languages, allowing you to make your users feel at home wherever they're based.

Over the Air Upates

We can push updates without users needing to visit the App Store to get the latest version. This ensures all users are on the latest version of your App, eliminating all sorts of compatibility issues.

Cost Savings

Using cross platform capability reduces overall development costs and time.

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