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Sick to death of manually doing what should be automated?
Tired of trying to get your various SaaS tools to work together?
Constantly waiting for your data to load?
Flying blind on your metrics?
We create better tech for you that makes your problems disappear

Setting up world class tech infrastructure is hard

We know, we've been there.

And then we kept doing it for another 9 years.

Now we've helped 43 clients get their tech in order. And we developed a solid skill set to reliably get them there as fast as possible.

So how do we do it?

How we

Tackle complexity


We're experts in very specific toolsets. Our language is Javascript. Our cloud is Google Cloud.

Fast Feedback

We make sure we get fast feedback. From you via Slack, from our code via CI/CD pipelines.

Divide and conquer

We don't all try to master every trade. Instead our team has experts on iOS, Android, Big Data, DevOps, etc...

There are a million tech agencies out there why us?


In short: because  we're faster

The typical software development approach is too complex. It involves too many people, too many meetings, and too much time between iterations.

We've chucked out a whole lot of the typical development process and replaced it with two things: a solid understanding of your business processes and real-time feedback from you.

Armed focus on getting you results within weeks, not months or years. We don't draw up massive scopes of work that take years to implement. Instead, we get started on low-hanging fruit and get you results in record time. In the process we get to know your tech stack. Once we know it well enough, we discuss more fundamental changes with you. In the meantime you can decide if you like working with us.

So say goodbye to complexity and long lead times and hello to simplicity and progress.


What we stand for

Trust is everything. We work hard to earn our clients' trust and keep it. We need you to trust that we a) understand your business, b) are Masters of our trade and c) deliver. We aim to reinforce that trust with every code change.
We provide it - but we maintain an open-minded and flexible approach to integrating new information and course correcting when it becomes available. This results is clarity on what’s going to happen, effective communication, strong collaboration, and doing things for the right reasons.
In programming everything is about fast feedback. With it, you can iterate quickly and make progress. Without it, you're either twiddling your thumbs or running in the wrong direction. That's why we deploy our changes to production many times a day and have instant messaging channels with our customers. The sooner we hear your thoughts on our work, the sooner we can act on it.

Let's fix your tech problem

If you tell us about it, we can fix it

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