Customer engagement with ChatGPT assistant

A chat interface that draws charts

The Challenge

Brainy is a hotel management platform that uses AI to optimise a hotel’s pricing for each room for each day of the year.
They were struggling to engage their customer base because their core product runs behind the scenes, optimising revenue, but doing so invisibly to their users.
This made it difficult for Brainy to stay top-of-mind for its customers and to communicate the value it was creating.

Our Approach

Brainy engaged Wakeflow to build a ChatGPT-powered chatbot that would ensure it’s users would associate its brand with the day-to-day management of its hotels, allowing users to:
  • Analyse revenue data with automated charting to show real-time trends
  • Summarise latest customer review sentiment for actionable insights
  • Update room prices and availability
  • Retrieve reservations
  • Add new properties and rooms to the platform
  • Do all of the above with voice prompts ...
  • ... in any language

The Results

Daily Active User Growth
Quarterly Revenue Growth
Average Number of Messages exchanged per Daily Active User

The collaboration with Wakeflow in integrating ChatGPT’s AI technology has been pivotal in transforming the user experience on our platform.

Their expertise facilitated the rapid development and optimization of our system, greatly enhancing the efficiency of accessing data, graphs, and reports.

This progression not only demonstrates the power of AI in improving user interactions but also highlights our combined efforts with Wakeflow to prioritize innovation and user-centric development.

Edoardo Caldari
CEO BrainyAI

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