Speeding up a database

from seconds to milliseconds

The Challenge

360 Private Travel is a luxury travel company offering the very best in personal service with a passion for quality.
After impressive growth, its tech stack was no longer fit for purpose
  • Database queries were taking anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds to complete
  • Data quality was poor
  • Third party data sources could not be integrated
The net result was that 360 Private Travel’s 523 agents could not access the wealth of information the business had gathered over the years and was slowed down in their day-to-day work

Our Approach

We introduced a modern Google Cloud managed Postgres database that could - easily handle current workloads - scale to handle future workloads It is available via API, which allows various parts of the business to interact with it, ensuring proper permission handling and a single source of truth throughout the business.
We introduced a lightning fast free-text search powered by ElasticSearch and ChatGPT. It allows agents to look for things like “family friendly resorts in the Maldives” and get every relevant piece of information available in the business - including a list of the resorts, the key contacts at the resorts, customer and staff reviews, write-ups from colleagues that have visited, past itineraries and even relevant sections of the company-wide chat history
We released a mobile application within 4 weeks of project launch which allowed agents to access this wealth of information in structured or unstructured search. New features have been released on a daily basis since launch. The same codebase powers a web-app so that features are immediately available for desktop use as well.
We incorporated various external data sources to give agents an even more complete picture of what is available throughout the world to incorporate into their clients’ luxury holidays.

The Results

Reduction in average query time
to have new mobile app in Android and Apple app stores
External Data Sources integrated
Documents made available to travel agents with 200ms free text search

“The team are great, they are smart and really personable, they pick up concepts really quickly (which saves SO much time) and have a huge depth in tech ability and know how.

The quality of all the work seen to date is of a high standard, I am loving this partnership and looking forward to collaborating on more in the year to come.

I am certain that working with Wakeflow will mean we have a platform for growth for the long term!”

Katie Robertson
Digital Product & Technology Director

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