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Andreas Kater


Andi founded Wakeflow and has a background in Management Consulting and Software Development. As the COO of three London-based tech start-ups, he has automated the operations of businesses covering agricultural satellite image analytics, financial services and natural language processing. Andi holds an MBA from INSEAD
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Aravind Vakil

Tech Lead

Aravind is a Full Stack Engineer and Tech Lead. His proficiency spans various areas including user interface development, hybrid apps, cloud services, chatbot development, intricate backend services, and DevOps, contributing to end-to-end software solutions. He is exceptionally innovative, bringing products to life with immense excitement and passion. His work encompasses several business domains, such as Logistics, E-commerce, Manufacturing, EdTech, Civics, Hospitality, and Property Management Systems.
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Jamie Michael


Jamie is a self taught Javascript developer and a keen problem solver, who only recently made the career change to software development after almost a decade in the hospitality and catering industry. He is passionate about creating impactful solutions in tech, and being self motivated and goal driven, he strives to be the best version of himself. Taking on as much responsibility as possible.
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Salih Fidan

Tech Lead

Salih is an adaptable software developer who embraces challenges with enthusiasm. He crafts user-friendly interfaces, apps, and APIs, showcasing a broad array of skills across technologies. His journey also involves team leading, consulting, product design, and maintaining legacy systems as well as working with cutting edge technologies like Web3.
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Bora Biricik


Hey, I'm Bora Biricik, a Computer Engineering graduate from Mersin University. I've been working in Front-end development for about four years, mainly focusing on React. I also enjoy contributing to open-source projects and sharing my experiences with others. My goal is to make the world of Front-end development more accessible to everyone.
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Kıvanç Güçkıran

Senior Developer

Meet Kıvanç, a skilled software developer proficient in Node.js and React, with a strong background in system engineering, production maintenance, and software architecture. Kıvanç has extensive experience in computer vision, video operations, including streaming, monitoring, and transcoding. He's a fast learner, product enthusiast, effective communicator, and passionate musician.
profile picture of Zeeshan Jamshed

Zeeshan Jamshed


Zeeshan is a seasoned full-stack developer renowned for delivering bespoke, high-quality solutions that enhance client success in various industries. Known for his leadership in bringing sophisticated projects to fruition, he thrives in dynamic environments and is deeply committed to innovation and excellence. Zeeshan excels in collaborative settings, continually driving technological advancements and impactful results.
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Vijay Kumar


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