Onboarding 100 users per day

with well-timed emails and WhatsApp messages to new users

The Challenge

Typetone offers virtual assistants (like Sarah above), that you can incorporate into your business operations via familiar communication channels. They specialise in different domains and you can interact with them like co-workers.
Having such a topical product, they have been quickly scaling up the business, gaining an additional 100 users per day.
To make sure each of these new users had a great onboarding experience, Typetone wanted to set up communications that would be sent out to new users based on certain triggers.
For example, asking users that are trialling the Pro membership for feedback 5 days into the trial.
The challenge was setting up the communications and making sure the right triggers were available and executed flawlessly.

Our Approach

We set up the custom integrations required to enable the desired use cases within one week
The email templates and communication workflows were set up using the Bird.com Process Automated suite
With the help of the Bird.com developer team, we got early access to APIs that were not yet publically documented to enable the correct linking of customers to their communications sequences
With all that done just two weeks after our initial call, we ensured the workflows were executing reliably and, four weeks in, had a 0.23% error rate (primarily due to invalid email addresses being submittted)

The Results

New users on-boarded each day
from initial call to final versions in production
Platforms integrated with each other: Hubspot, Bird.com, Typeform, WhatsApp
Automated workflows completed every day
Error rate in automated workflows
Custom Hubspot integrations built to support use case

“The team are great, they are smart and really personable, they pick up concepts really quickly (which saves SO much time) and have a huge depth in tech ability and know how.

The quality of all the work seen to date is of a high standard, I am loving this partnership and looking forward to collaborating on more in the year to come.

I am certain that working with Wakeflow will mean we have a platform for growth for the long term!”

Katie Robertson
Digital Product & Technology Director

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