Custom HR platform

and automated invoicing in a complex corporate structure

The Challenge

Aequita is an international Private Equity firm specialising in turn-arounds. It has € 100 million under management.
Aequita was looking for an HR platform that would reflect its operations, but couldn’t find one that catered to their specific requirements:
  1. Time sheets that could be combined with a complex day-rate structure to automatically generate invoices that needed to traverse a complex hierarchy of holding companies to appropriately allocate costs.
  2. Holiday booking that respected the regional public holidays of its workforce
  3. Analytics that provided a detailed understanding of the true cost of project delivery
The net result was that 360 Private Travel’s 523 agents could not access the wealth of information the business had gathered over the years and was slowed down in their day-to-day work

Our Approach

We did a series of workshops to understand Aequita’s requirements in detail and followed up with one-on-ones with the individuals who were manually calculating invoices.
Over the course of three weeks we had quick iterations with the Aequita team to develop a solution that has since generated 2190 invoices.
Thanks to the custom software approach we had the flexibility to add features as the business has grown from 21 employees to 101. These include internationalisation of invoices, tracking of promotions and day rates, and holiday request handling, all of which were released into production within four working days of being requested.
Finally, our custom analytics solution based on Google’s Looker platform gives Senior Management and Project Leads the ability to dig into project costs as they develop day by day.
A feature that proved unexpectedly useful was our User Support Chat, which allowed our tech team to quickly take on board feedback and:
  1. Iron out bugs
  2. Fine-tune UI behaviour on mobile devices (as most employees used the app on the go)
  3. Incorporate feature requests (e.g. summary views in the analytics feature)

The Results

Growth in number of employees
Time Sheets Submitted
Invoices automatically generated
From initial concept to deployed solution
Holiday Requests handled
follow-on features deployed in under 1 week

Very friendly contact, fast implementation and cool design. Absolutely top!

Antje Augstburger
Executive Assistant

very professional , extremally responsive to changes very engaging and helpful with request. been a pleasure working with the team. look forward to continuing working with them on our project and future projects.

Michael Garry
Digital Content Experience Manager

The team are friendly and efficient, quickly getting the app/portal off the ground and rapidly acting on any given feedback.

Jackson Smith
Quality Technical Assistant

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