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Workflow Automation

If you're sick and tired of repetitive manual processes: There is a better way! And it's often easier than you think.

What can we automate for you?

payroll automation

Payroll automation

We've plugged into the Wise API to automate payroll. Clearly this is a task that needs to run with precision and reliability - and be compliant with the bank's security measures. It has automatically paid employees for 14 months running.
customer service

Booking.com Customer Service Automation

We used ChatGPT to automate Booking.com's customer service. The bot was trained with over 2000 self-help articles and was then able to very quickly answer very detailed customer support queries. In all languages. In less than a second. Read the full case study here.
customer service

Invoicing automation

One of our clients is a Private Equity fund with a complex corporate hierarchy in which many invoices need to be sent on a monthly basis. We automated the process so that consultants report their hours and invoices are automatically issued. Read the full case study here.
customer service

Automating Manual Data Entry

One of our clients was receiving PDFs from one of its business partners containing transactions that needed to be reconciled and broken down. We built a solution that receives the emails, automatically parses the PDFs, reconciles the transactions and updates the client's database.
customer service

Inventory Management Automation

One of our clients needed to make sure his warehouse was always stocked. When certain Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) were running low, we would automatically order more.
customer service

Automatically sending out onboarding messages

One of our clients is onboarding 100 new users a day. To make sure they had a great experience, they wanted to set up emails and WhatsApp messages to automatically go out based on various triggers. We integrated into their Hubspot and Messagebird accounts to get evertying set up. Now 600 messages go out automatically each day.

How we do it

We don't (only) use no-code tools to get your workflows set up. Instead we draw on the full featured capability of custom code and Google Cloud to automate your business. This allows fine-grained control over timing, frequency, error handling, reporting and much more.

In short: We focus on the details.


Why not just use no-code platforms like Zapier?

  • You need to involve humans at various stages
  • The required functionality is not be available
  • Can’t integrate into your own APIs
  • Unreliable executions
  • You need better reporting
  • You need it to be real-time
  • It’s too costly to run at scale

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